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Redeem your full free personal training session now!

Redeem your full free personal training session now!

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During this full (FREE) personal training session, clients will be fully assessed with the most advanced tools and methods administered by our Nationally certified personal trainers. The program includes a fitness evaluation as well as full tutorial of each exercise necessary to get you started safely and efficiently.  Program design and progression will be coordinated with their individual goals to allow for the most effective workouts.

Clients will also discover the value of working with our fitness professionals.  Many clients who participate in the smart start program continue work with our trainers in various capacity to help develop more advance programs.

The Smart Start program is such and effective and valued tool we offer it %100 percent free and with no strings attached to insure that all people interested in fitness can easily participate.  Our Goal is to develop a client base that is well educated in the area of exercise science.

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