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Luis Figueroa - Ronin Personal Training
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Luis Figueroa

Luis Figueroa

C.P.T., LMT.

Luis has been a Certified Personal Trainer and coach since 2003. He has worked with all types of clients, ranging from the recreational fitness enthusiasts to the professional athlete. Luis has experience with private, semi-private and group classes. His philosophy is, use what you need to get the job done depending on your clients goals and to always focus on efficiency. Luis is a certified with the National Academy of Sport Medicine, in Resistance Training Specialist, and as a CrossFit level 1 coach, and has also been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for nearly a decade. “Over the years working with many clients I realize that there was a need for soft tissue work. I decided to become a licensed massage therapist. I see Massage as part of a complete training program. With resistance training I am able to provide a stimulus in order to encourage an adaptation. With massage therapy I can help my client recover from the training. I have the ability to assess minor soft tissue trauma and treat it during a session if needed.”

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